C Smalls Designs creates custom designed marketing and advertising campaigns specifically to meet our client’s needs. Each campaign is specifically tailored to successfully reach our client’s target audience; ultimately increasing brand recognition and revenue. Our services consists of:

  • Web Design – The best solutions to meet the marketing needs of your business.
  • Logo Design – Custom designed to effectively represent your brand.
  • Graphic Design – Custom design graphics to assist you in effectively marketing & advertising your brand.
  • Marketing – Consult on various avenues of marketing
  • Advertising – Consult on various avenues of promoting your business, organization or special event.
  • Consulting¬†– Advise of the best strategies for marketing & advertising your product(s), service(s) and event(s). We offer one (initial) 30 minute consultation at no charge (in-person within a 25 mile radius).

Search no more…C Smalls Designs offers the solutions you need to successfully market your product(s) and service(s). Our number one goal is to assist our client in determining the best strategies to penetrate their target market; thus increasing brand awareness. We equip our clients with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to catapult their business to greater heights. Don’t delay. Contact us today to market your BRAND!

  • Branding – company philosophy
  • Customer – need for product/service
  • Research – competitive edge
  • Segmentation – placement in target market
  • Planning – process
  • Strategies – how to communicate and to whom
  • Technology – means of communication
  • Digital – Website, Social Media, E-mail, Video
  • Print – Poster, Flyer, Business Cards, Save-the-Date Card
  • Media – Press Kit, Magazine/Journal/Newspaper Ad
  • Fundraising Campaign – Sponsorship Packet, campaign development
  • Sales Campaign – promotional

Each promotional campaign and materials custom designed to specifically achieve your fundraising/sales goal.


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